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Top 10 strongest webtoon/manhwa characters (most accurate)


1. Cha Yeon-woo

If you have read the Second Life Ranker, you know that this dude is overpowered beyond belief. I think it is still my favorite read overall, although I will admit I am attracted to the “main character easily overcoming obstacles with style” trope. Yeon-woo has boundless capabilities with the powers of the Black King, a being similar to Azathoth from the Lovecraft stories.

2. Yang Kai/Luo Zheng/Nie Li

I have to get these cultivation manhwas out of the way because I haven’t read the Martial Peak novel, but undoubtedly all of these characters are among the strongest characters. Their positions in strength are debatable, and I’d say Magic Emperor’s Zhou Fan could also be in this category. Anyways, they all reach far past the universal power realm, and a lot of these characters have powers like/on par with reality manipulation.

3. Kim Dokja

On top of being one of the strongest, he’s also one of the best in my opinion. Dokja was always smart and his knowledge of the story helped him advance through a lot, becoming the Demon King and finally the Ancient Dream Constellation, where he was omniscient and could manipulate reality. Enough to put him above the rest on this list.

4. Phantaminum

A feat-less being shrouded in mystery and above the likes of Zahard and Enryu from Tower of God, I think he could be the true god of the tower. As an Axis, he is basically hinted to have control over a story from the Talze User verse; he has reality manipulation. I think this means he is a weaker version of “The Writer” from DC. I can’t think of many other characters that have this ability on top of strong shinsoo manipulation and so on.

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