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Here are 10 manhwa series with more than 100 chapters

1. “Tower of God” : A gripping adventure series set in a mysterious tower where chosen individuals climb to the top to fulfill their desires.

2. “Solo Leveling” :  Follow Sung Jin-Woo as he becomes the strongest hunter through leveling up in a world filled with dungeons and monsters.

3. “The God of High School” : Join high school students Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yu Mira as they compete in martial arts tournaments to become the strongest fighter.

4. “Noblesse” : Experience the world of vampires and supernatural powers as noble Rai awakens from centuries of slumber to protect his friends.

5. “The Breaker” :  Follow martial artist Shi-Woon Yi as he trains under the mysterious martial arts master, Chun-Woo Han, in a world of secret societies and power struggles.

6. “True Beauty” :  Dive into the world of beauty and self-confidence as protagonist Jugyeong transforms herself with makeup skills while navigating love, friendship, and personal identity.

7. “The Gamer” : Follow the ordinary high school student Han Jee-Han as he discovers he has the ability to see the world as a video game interface and embarks on adventures to level up and become stronger.

8. “Dice” : The Cube that Changes Everything”  –  Witness the life-changing consequences of a mysterious game called “Dice,” which grants players various powers and abilities based on their desires.

9. “Lookism” : Follow the story of Daniel Park, a high school student who gains a new lease on life after discovering he can switch between his handsome and bullied appearances.

10. “Girls of the Wild’s” : Join the journey of martial artist Jaegu Song as he attends a prestigious all-girls school and becomes involved with a group of talented female fighters.

These manhwa series offer extensive storylines, complex characters, and immersive worlds that will keep you hooked for hundreds of chapters. Happy reading!

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