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Tower of God Cast & Character Guide

Get to know the Webtoon adaptation’s different clans and tower-climbers ahead of its premiere.

The new character trailer for the recently announced anime adaptation of Korean manhwa, Tower of God, has definitely increased anticipation for the series. Featuring a storyline essentially based around classism, as well as character designs that are both interesting yet everyday, the series has a lot to offer those who are usual viewers of shonen anime.

The basic premise has a young boy, who had been alone for almost all of his life, entering a mysterious tower to locate his only friend. To reunite with her, his only choice is to make it to the top of the tower, facing numerous combatants along the way. Thankfully, he is outside of the jurisdiction of many of the tower’s rules, meaning that he is one of the few who could truly be able to take down the corrupt ruler, Jahad.

Baam (Character Voice: Taichi Ichikawa)

Twenty-Fifth Baam is the main character of the series, who enters the eponymous tower in search of his friend Rachel. Baam is an Irregular, meaning that he is not beholden to many of the rules that govern those in the tower, including the inability to kill the otherwise immortal Jahad, making Baam a real threat to the ruler.

Endorsi Jahad (Character Voice: Rie Suegara)

Endorsi is one of several princesses of Jahad within the tower but traverses its several steps as a Regular. Her youth, beauty and fashion belie an incredible strength, both inner and out. Much of this is due to her circumstances in the past, which have made her both stronger and somewhat sadistic in her treatment of others.

Anaak Jahad (Character Voice: Akira Sekine)

Anaak’s most striking features are her green skin and tail, which give her a reptilian appearance. She is named after her mother, who was once a princess of Jahad before running off after becoming pregnant. Despite this less than privileged circumstance, she wields the Green April, a weapon in the powerful 13 Month series that is only bestowed upon princesses of Jahad. Her reasons for climbing the tower are to exact revenge upon the immortal Jahad for her mother’s treatment. This gives her an intense hatred of Jahad and all that represents him.

Khun Aguero Agnes (Character Voice: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Khun is a member of the clan of the same name, which is one of the 10 revered families within the tower. He is incredibly cunning and took on the tower’s challenge in a bid for power and resources. His upbringing gifted him with a keen tactical mind, which he uses to rise to each challenge. Part of this also stems from his seeking to reclaim both his and his family’s honor, as he was kicked out of his clan when his sister failed to become one of the princesses of Jahad.

Yuri Jahad (Character Voice: Mariko Honda)

Originally from the Ha family, Yuri is one of the princesses of Jahad, and her having reached the top level of the tower makes her one of the High Rankers. She has also come into possession of two 13 Month Series weapons, making her one of the few princesses to do so. When she first encounters Baam when he enters the tower, she instantly becomes interested in him — namely due to him being an Irregular. First announced at Seoul Comic-Con in August 2019, the Tower of God anime is directed by Takashi Sano, with Erika Yoshida serving as writer. The voice talents of Taichi Ichikawa, Saori Hayami and Hochu Otsuka will all be featured in the anime.



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